The Wacky Book of Witches

Move over Waldo!  The Wacky Book of Witches by Annie Civardi (words) and Graham Philpot (pictures) is perfect for this time of year! Neither a simple hunt-and-find book, nor just a great story, The Wacky Book of Witches weaves the two together in a remarkably enchanting way. (more…)

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J is for Jack-O’-Lantern: A Halloween Alphabet

I love the autumn; it’s my favourite time of year!  The leaves, the cool nights, the pumpkin pies, and Hallowe’en!  But with two little ones, I’m not looking for the truly scary bits of Hallowe’en, but the fun, cozy-creepy stuff: smiling ghosts, and sing-along songs, and orange socks, and good books!  I’m also a big fan of learning new things all the time, so I particularly appreciate Denise Brennan-Nelson‘s J is for Jack-O’-Lantern: A Halloween Alphabet. It’s a poem, and an alphabet book, and a Hallowe’en encyclopedia all in one! (more…)

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Two by Two

Recently I was at a second-hand store for kids and spied Two by Two by Barbara Reid.  I was stunned to realize that we didn’t have any of her books in our (considerable) library of kids’ books.  Most particularly I was suprised because when I was growing up, Reid’s books were some of my favourites.  I mean, you’d have to be a particularly nasty kind of curmudgeonly snob to suggest that her artwork isn’t simply amazing! And it’s all done with plasticine! Just look: (more…)

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