The Stories of Childhood

One of my favourite spots in the house!

I love children’s books.  I love the look, the feel, and the smell of them.  I love how my daughter always wants one more book at bedtime. I love how she asks me to read her stories while she eats her peanut butter toast. I love how she learns from them: how to problem solve, how to explore, how to dream, how to imagine.

And not just her books. We don’t have cable (which here means no television at all), so we instead have a fair number of movies on DVD and VHS.  And oddly, the VHS ones are pretty good.  Some of them are just the traditional Disney movies that we haven’t bothered buying on DVD ’cause we have a good VCR, but some of them will likely never see DVD. Like Nellie the Elephant, or the old stop-motion Noddy.

So I thought it might be a nice idea to write about those books, and movies, and even toys, that I see inspiring my daughter’s imagination.  Probably nothing too controversial here; just cozy, well loved stories! Stick around, and let me know what books and movies you love and love to share with your kids.

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