The Wacky Book of Witches

Move over Waldo!  The Wacky Book of Witches by Annie Civardi (words) and Graham Philpot (pictures) is perfect for this time of year! Neither a simple hunt-and-find book, nor just a great story, The Wacky Book of Witches weaves the two together in a remarkably enchanting way.

Each page does have a rhyming narrative as we follow Old Warty through her Hallowe’en party preparations, but its placement is dictated by the pictures.  Words weave around haunted houses, hang upside down with he bats, and even appear backwards in the mirror. Along with signage and speech bubbles, there is text all over the place.

But the real charm of this book comes from the pictures. They are packed with detail, and a hidden elf on every page. There are contraptions, and concoctions, and chuckles on every page.  Every time you crack open this book you will find something new.

This is a book that will please everyone, but especially the little boy in your life. With some emphasis on the stinky, the sticky, and the sickly, it’s not your sweet little picture book. But there’s enough for the girls, and grown-ups too, that I’d recommend it as a surefire hit!

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