The Quiet Book

My daughter is an actress.  And I say this with not an ounce of condescension. I’m pretty sure she could give classes on it. She has this ability to get into character and emulate like no other little person I know!  Along with this incredible ability comes the love of an audience and volume. ‘Cause nothing makes acting more entertaining than doing it loudly in front of people. And her inspiration? Well, there’s a whole lot of my hubby and I in there, a bit of her younger brother, and a lot of her books and movies.  So when my sister spied The Quiet Book by Deborah Underwood, illustrations by Renata Liwska, the potential was immediately obvious.

The Quiet Book is a gentle exploration of quiet emotions paired up beautifully with Liwska’s pictures. There’s everything from “Making a wish quiet” to “First look at your new haircut quiet.” There’s also “underwater quiet,” “hide-and-seek quiet,” and a personal favourite: “thinking of a good reason you were drawing on the wall quiet.”  Liwska’s anthropomorphic animals add layers of emotion to the words that really bring the book to life (a good example is the “car ride at night quiet” page: the animals’ car is in a snow storm and while most of the occupants are sleeping, the bear driver and owl passenger are wide awake with concentration).

And so, when I feel like I need to engage my daughter in a quiet activity, and the colouring’s already been done, and nap time is long over, I pull out The Quiet Book.  And usually it’s enough to keep her exploring the blessed drama of quiet — until she finds the Robert Munsch books!

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